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(below) #BlackLivesMatter


 If you're in Melbourne during the Asian Cup 2015.....

New Street Artwork - "No Corporate Universities"

(above) A street installation in support of the fight against the Abbott government's (Australian Governemnt) budget cuts to education. Specifically, "Stop the Degree Factory" aims at combatting the government's plan to deregulate the university system - where it is modelled off the US-style system that priveleges the rich. Poor students will be left with a horrendous debt, or forced to completely opt out of tertiary level education to avoid costs.

(Above) A painting I did in 2008 called 'Special Forces' features in this 2014 Huffington Post Article alongside other artists from around the world that have been critical of McDonalds corporation. Click Here to see the article!

(Below) Wounded Soldier about to Commit Suicide

 Wounded Soldier about to commit suicide (new video). This short film is called "Imperial Suicide" and is presented as a first release by Strike Wave Films. It traces the construction of one of my artworks that was displayed in April 2013 during ANZAC Day. 

Free the Refugees - New street art (below)

(Above) "Free the Refugees" (2014). This is an artwork that supports the refugees who are detained indefinitely in offshore prisons. On Manus Island and Nauru, the Australian government imprisons refugees after they arrive by boat. These actions by the Liberal Party is racist and against international human rights law and should be condemned. Like many of my sculptures, this one is made of packaging tape, cling wrap, newspaper, cardboard and human clothing.

I support the call to Boycott the 19th Biennale of Sydney (2014)

click here to see Van Thanh Rudd's statement on his blog


(below) 2 new videos - "football v Tony Abbott" (2013)

(below) Wounded Soldier (2013) at the Festival of Ideas, University of Melbourne


(above) Wounded Soldier (2013), Festival of Ideas Public Exhibition 2013, University of Melbourne. Curated by Matthew Fitch


(above, close-up) Wounded Soldier (2013), at the Festival of Ideas 2013, University of Melbourne

(above) Occupy Rio, 2013, Footscray, Australia

(above) Free Gaza Footballer, 2013, Footscray,  Australia

(above) Fuck the Cuts to Education, 2013

(above) Fuck the Cuts to Education, 2013 (close-up)


(Above) No Cuts to Education! 2013, Melbourne, Australia

(above) No Cuts to Education! 2013


(above) Wounded Soldier, 2013

(above) Wounded Soldier, 2013 (close-up)

(above) Wounded Soldier, ANZAC Day, 2013, Princes Bridge, Melbourne

(above) Wounded Soldier, ANZAC Day 2013, Princes Bridge, Melbourne



Click on the links below for some reading on the topic of education in Australia:

this article
....and this article
.....and this article here

Free Gaza Street Art, Footscray, Melbourne, Australia, 2012


(below) New Street Art - Footscray, Victoria, Australia, 2012




(below) Protest Against the 18th Biennale of Sydney 2012 (street artwork in Melbourne)

(above) Street artwork called 'no nauru' set alight next to the Yarra River, in the centre of Melbourne. See below for images taken just before the burning.

(above and below) 'No Nauru' is written on the shirt of the artwork.

Why? It has come to our attention that two major partners of the 18TH BIENNALE OF SYDNEY, 2012 is logistics company Transfield (since 1973) and the Australian Government. As you may already know, the Australian government has awarded Transfield a $24.5 million contract to provide cleaning, catering and security for an inhumane refugee detention facility on the island of Nauru. For more information see this Facebook group.

(Below) Street Art by Van Thanh Rudd in Santiago, Chile, 2012

 The above artwork is dedicated to the movement for free education taking place in Chile. Read this article in the Australian about the latest protest (Aug 28th, 2012)

Street Art in Support of Free Education, Footscray, Australia, 2012

Neo-Liberal attacks on education are escalating in many places around the world including Chile, the USA, Canada and Australia. Students and people in general are protesting against these attacks in large numbers in some of these places too. For more information click on the links:
Article by Jorge Jorquera - regarding Australian education system
Article by Jorge Jorquera - regarding Latin America
Student Protests in Quebec, Canada
Australian education system - Massive Cuts to Tafe in Victoria


(above photos) These were placed in Footscray, Melbourne. Thanks to the freely accessable street sculpture techniques of Mark Jenkins (USA), I'm keen to produce more of this type of work. I aim to be much more directly political with my work, than Jenkins, as I feel that he commented successfully upon the alienated individual under capitalism.

(below) Free the Refugees artwork donation

The above painting on board was donated to the RMIT University Refugee Action Collective, Victoria, Australia. It is currently being exhibited with Azlan McLennan's "Occupy Mandatory Detention" at First Site Gallery.


A Painting about a detained Tamil Refugee

The above painting on canvas was completed after I'd done some drawings of some Tamil refugees detained illegally by the Australian Government in Victoria's Maribyrnong detention centre. I was talking with some refugees about their horrific experiences back in Sri Lanka as well as their horrific, tedious and frustrating experiences in Australia's jails for refugees.  It is a fairly subjective piece, repeating some of the techniques of my earlier canvas paintings. I was trying to capture an emotion that I was feeling inside the detention centre. The image is meant to portray a type of collision between a refugee and Australian society. Here are some articles written about the issues...

Deported Tamil Refugee

A Painting Donated to the Boycott Israel 19 campaign

The above painting was donated to the campain in support of the Max Brenner 19.


Agent Orange Justice Campaign Exhibition

(above and below) I will be donating these poster artworks to an art exhibition fundraiser (August 2012) in Sydney for victims of Agent Orange. Organised by Agent Orange Justice (Click here for more details). And here for an article in Direct Action.

Other artists donating their works include:

Suzanne Archer, Ray Beattie, Zanny Begg, Kim Browne, Elizabeth Cummings, Nguyen Nghia Cuong, Carol Dance, Carleen Devine, Vuong Trong Duc, Bonita Ely, Wayne Fleming, George Gittoes, Dominic Nguyen Hong Golding, Pamela Griffith, Kevin Hagarty Nguyen The Hung, Johanna Hildebrandt, Astra Howard, Gail Kenning, Dot Kolentsis, Nguyen Thi Chinh Le, Geoff Levitus, Carlie Lopez, Nerine Martini, Euan Macleod, Eszter Marossezky Khue Nguyen, Mai Nguyen-Long, Torbjorn Lundmark, Kelly Manning, Reg Mombassa, Hoai Thanh Pham, Nguyen Nghia Phuong, Susan Norrie, Phi Phi Oanh, Peter O'Doherty, Sue Pedley, Ambrose Reisch, Erik Royds, Van Thanh Rudd, Feyona van Stom, Nik Scott, Wendy Sharpe, My Le Thi, Mark Tippett, Sophie Verrechia, Fiona White.

PLUS drawings by cartoonists Robert Carter, Rod Emmerson, Eric Lobbecke, Alan Moir, Bruce Petty, Larry Pickering, David Pope, Nik Scott.

PLUS Photographs of victims by Hoai Thanh Pham.

PLUS contemporary art from 20 Vietnamese artists.

PLUS posters from the campaign against the war in Vietnam, Vietnamese political posters, and information displays.



A Cardboard Box Artwork in Support of Anti-Apartheid Israel Campaigns

(above and below) This artwork was completed in early 2012 for an exhibition called Apple from the Tree, at Footscray Community Arts Centre. For information about Anti-Apartheid Israel campaigns click here


Murdoch's a Criminal

(above) The News IS Limited, by Van T Rudd, 2011. Read an article about it. And another Article.....and another.


(below) Artist Van Rudd Says Documentary Film Proves Sri Lankan Government War Crimes

(above artwork by Van T Rudd 2009 - 'Federer Mourn's Tamil Civilians'
Click here for Van Thanh Rudd's Response to the documentary film called
Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, 2011

Human Rights Festival Censors Artwork

Click here for media release!!

"Silencing Rudd is Silencing the Palestinian People" by Israeli Group Boycott from Within (BfW)

Click Here for ABC Radio Report

Cick here for the Festival's Statement
(My personal response to this letter will be available soon!!)

Click here for HIGH RESOLUTION image of this cartoon

(above and below) "Pop Goes the System" 2011.

Justin Bieber's speech bubble says:

"Hey I'm Justin Bieber,
I've just found out this company supports Israel's oppression of Palestinian people. They have a shop near you in Melbourne's QV shopping centre!!

Anyway....I wish that I didn't perform in Israel this year. I now realise, that by doing so, I was showing support for Israel's apartheid system."

Click here for HIGH RESOLUTION version of the above cartoon


(The above cartoons are a combined artwork titled POP GOES THE SYSTEM. They feature on each side of one piece of canvas approx. 200 cm x 160cm)


(above) 'Westpac parasite', oil on canvas, 2011

(above) 'American Express Parasite', 2011, oil on canvas


(Above, cartoon by Van Thanh Rudd, 2011)

(Above, Cartoon by Van Thanh Rudd, 2011)


CLICK HERE to see video of Titanic creative intervention


Artists Against Apartheid - a collaboration by Van Thanh Rudd (Australia), Samar Hazboun (Palestine) and Francesca Viceconti (UK)

(Above). A concrete cast by Van T Rudd of his forearm holds a wooden sign with an image by Samar Hazboun. The text on the image says: "Fatima Kamel: Holding her Imprisoned Sons Pictures". Van Thanh Rudd collaborated with Samar Hazboun (Palestine), Francesca Viceconti (UK) to produce this street sculpture called Operation Cast Lead. They are all members of the international artist alliance called Artists Against Apartheid (AAA). The alliance consists of artists of all disciplines around the world who oppose Israel's aparthied system. This particular sculpture was placed in a vacant lot near the one below. Operation Cast Lead refers to the 2009 Israel military attack on Gaza, killing around 1500 Palestinians.

(above) The image on the wooden sign is by Francesca Viceconti (UK). This sculpture was placed in a vacant lot on the streets of Fitzroy, in Melbourne, Australia. It is not known if it is still there.

(Below) Tree Graffiti 2010

(above) Tree Near Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne. Also part of SweetStreets Urban Art Festival, Oct 8 to 23, 2010


(above) Tree near Yarra river, Melbourne CBD, Birrurung Marr

(below) The National Project (2010)

The painting above (oil on board) was intended to be exhibited in a Townsville (Queensland) youth festival in April 2010, but was not allowed in the end. It's an appropriation of the painting by racist, Australian nationalist, Tom Roberts called 'Shearing the Rams' completed during the late 1800s. (see below)

(above) 'Shearing the Rams', Tom Roberts, late 1800s

(below) 'Max Brenner (Make that a Hot White Phosphorus!)' (2010). This was exhibited at the Library Art Space , Nth Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. It was a part of the exhibition by A17P which includes artists Kelly Manning, Dominic Golding, Mai Long and special guest Kristine McCarroll. The work below was shown in solidarity with the International BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign against the state of Israel.

The above artwork formed part of the international BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Campaign) against State of Israel's oppression of Palestinians. The artwork was part of a group exhibition called 'Chemical Agents' by the Australian collective A-17P (see link to right under 'collectives'). The artists are Mai Long (Syd), Kelly Manning (Melbourne), Dominic Golding (Melb), and myself. Kristine McCarroll (Australia/France) was invited to be part of this show. The exhibition looks at chemical warfare since WW2.

(above) The Scream, 2009


(above) "and Then Shane Finally Realized that Communism Isn't Evil" (2009)
The 2 images above were exhibited along with 5 other works at The Dog Theatre in an exhibition called "Un-Australian". The exhibition was by A-17P and included drawings by fellow member Dominic Golding. The show was part of the 2009 Big West Festival.

 (below) An artwork in FACT 4 at the Footscray Community Arts Centre


This collage / oil painting on board can be viewed at Access Gallery, Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland St Footscray unil Nov 29th!




"Used Car Part From Afghanistan" at Off The Kerb Gallery, Australia (until Oct 16th, 2009) (sale price: $1.2 Billion (US)

Read ABC Online Article

angle view of installation "Used Car Part from Afghanistan"
Sale Price: $1.2 BILLION   (U.S)



 Don't Freak - It's compressed charcoal!!



Freedom and Furniture (2009)(above), paper collage, 35cm x 28cm, has been selected in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2009.


 Artist Statement for Freedom and Furniture

“Back in 2009, I asked Australian artist Van Thanh Rudd to come up with an artwork that defined ‘freedom’ in the 21st Century. The result has echoed a common voice world wide, and has inspired me to withdraw all our military bases and personnel from all 156 countries world wide, and to give power back to those who have yearned for real freedom in the face of our economic and political arrogance.

The world has spoken and we have no f %#>ing choice in the matter.”
U.S President Barack Obama, 2013




The above painting (Portrait of an Exploding Terrorist) done in 2006, will be exhibited in NAM BANG! at Sydney's Casula Powerhouse from 6th April to June 21st, 2009. Accompanying the painting will be a video of  THE CARRIERS PROJECT (see link on this site) - which documents the places where the above painting was carried during a national tour of The Carriers in 2007.

click here for artist statement for the above painting.


Art Censored Due to Pressure from Connex

The artwork below titled "Economy of Movement - A Piece of Palestine", was exhibited at Platform Galleries, Degraves St Subway, Melbourne. It was part of a group show called "Resisting Subversion of Subversive Resistance" with artists Marc DeJong, Tom Civil and Paul Kalemba 2nd March until 27th March. It was subject to censorship as a result of complaints from interest groups and Connex Melbourne.

Click here for the Age's article

(above) Wide shot. The size of the stone is approx 12cm(h) x 7cm(w) x 5cm(depth)


(above) Close-up of left panel.


(above) Close-up of right panel


(above) Angle view of "Economy of Movement - A Piece of Palestine" 2009


view some feature artworks below

Painting title: "Ode to the Death of Capitalism" (2008), oil on Canvas, 150cm x 145cm



"Federer and Tamil civilians in 2009", paper on board, 30cm x 27cm, 2009


title of collage: "popular resistance", paper collage on cardboard, 2008


title of collage: "Ode to Liberation - Via Team Hawthorn", paper collage on board, 70cm x 50cm, 2008


Painting title: "Insurgent", oil on canvas, 165x150cm, 2007


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